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Since 2008 VeraData has used our decision science capabilities to help nonprofits optimize audiences and target prospects, delivering the quality donors that hit your KPI.  Guaranteed.

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"VeraData routinely  helps us routinely find 17 - 25% of our prospects that are not going to hit our KPI requirements.  By having them score our acquisition list, drop the lowest performing names and replace them with VeraData universe names, our acquisition campaigns are now hitting our Cost to Acquire goals.  This process has allowed us to mail deeper into our available lists and ultimately helps us grow  faster and mail more."
The power of machine learning

maximizing new donors

Our acquisition strategies leverage our proprietary machine learning / artificial intelligence ecosystem. Utilizing thousands of variables for each potential donor, we identify new prospects with the greatest propensity to donate to your organization.

We evaluate decades of data on individual transactional, behavioral, demographic, and psychographic variables in your market segment. In the blink of any eye, our system grinds through thousands of attributes that define people’s philanthropic tendencies. 

Prescriptix will optimize your current targets and supply you with new and larger prospect audiences. We use artificial intelligence to build algorithms that identify potential donors. Your acquisition campaigns become more efficient.  You get more donors at a lower cost.

Solving to your Key Performance Indicator

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Increase My Response Rate
Specific KPI Modeling
Remail Better
Specific KPI Modeling
Lower my Cost to Acquire
Specific KPI Modeling
Specific KPI Modeling

increasing response rate

"We're a small Catholic charity.  We kept seeing a decline in our new-to-file donors that resulted in a shrinking file and negative impact on our net revenue goals.

We provided VeraData with years of campaign data and they used  Prescriptix analytics to evaluate thousands of variables and develop multiple model iterations to identify segments that hit our KPI requirements.  The microsegments were then supplemented with highly targeted prospects from the Philanthropix database.

Our response rate improved from 1.65% to 1.92% on higher volumes of mail and our CTA went down 27%!"
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Specific kpi modeling

Intelligent Remail

"We found ourselves with a shrinking prospect universe and increased package costs.  Remailing all records was not profitable for us.   VeraData built a ML / Deep learning model from prior campaign data.  

Utilizing the VeraData model remail response rates performed on par with the first drop!  Our Response per Mailing improved 18% in remail vs first drop of the same names mailed.  The same names mailed in the remail resulted in a 54% lower CTA than the first drop!"
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Specific KPI modeling

Lowering Cost to acquire

"We saw a steady decline in our acquisition response rates to the point our cost to acquire was exceeding acceptable levels.  Our donor base was shrinking and we needed to find a solution.

Working in collaboration with the data science team at VeraData, we established KPI's for response rate and cost to acquire.  We provided VeraData with campaign data from the previous years.  They built a series of models and back tested them on our most recent live campaign.

The final model increased response rate by 17% and lowered the cost to acquire by 28%!   By dropping poor performing prospects that the model identified and backfilling, our CTA went from -$7.99 to -$5.75!"
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