Agencies need more than just audiences.

We can help.

Supporting your agency with the latest AI/ML Analytics.

With guaranteed performance 

Expanding your 


VeraData works with nonprofits on their marketing campaigns – assisting with everything from list select to creative to production. Our scientific approach is woven into all the decisions we help you make throughout the fundraising process.
VeraData supports agencies as an extention of your team and can operate as your in-house data science team. 
Harness the power of big data by leveraging VeraData's proven prescriptive analytics solutions.

pitch like no other

Close more new business with scientifically based, data driven insights.

insight into your client's data

Establish your expertise with data driven file audits on your client's donors / customers and prospects.

Add A.I. and M.L. to your toolbox

All donors / customers are not created equal.  Adding the latest technology and modeling available will keep you on the cutting edge of what big data has to offer.

improve your targeting

Audiences respond differently across channels and offers.  Using ML to optimize the audience to what they are most likely to respond to will keep you consistantly hitting your goals.

Have an in-house data science team?

Add the most predictive data elements to your modeling environment.

Post-campaign analytics

Ingest data, communicate results and feed the AI environment driving your next campaign.
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