Machine Learning Modeling 

Machine learning, at a high level, works by taking massive amounts of data and optimizing models to a number of KPIs. We use GPU computing to test tens of thousands of variables and combinations of variables to build best-in-industry models that inform our clients on their best path forward.

VeraData doesn’t just tell you about your results or predict outcomes, we let our Prescriptix machine learning platform tell you what you should be doing to reach and exceed your fundraising goals.

Prescriptix has the ability to ingest unlimited structured and unstructured data, utilize proprietary decision science algorithms in a dynamic environment, and output models that drive dramatic fundraising improvements.

Put simply, what it does is transform data into wisdom in the form of recommendations on how to make wise strategic campaign decisions on issues such as the most effective way to reduce donor acquisition costs or to maximize the value of each donor to your organization.

The Decision Science Company
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