Challenges and Solutions

Identify New Donors
Clients select VeraData to grow their donor base because our machine learning approach combined with our insight into list selection best practices yields the best results.

Our staff of seasoned Client Advocates have the ability and know how to create superior list plans. Our proposals for donor acquisition are the most comprehensive in the industry combining past performance, CTA, seasonality and LTDV analysis.

These statistics allow us to identify segments to either omit or expand, uncover new prospect pools while layering that intelligence with our strategic decision support. We develop custom predictive and prescriptive models through our machine learning capabilities to enhance your acquisition program.

VeraData’s highly complex suite of modeling solutions will determine the best prospects for any given campaign. We will put all of our analytic tools and experience to work for you.

Reactivate Lapsed Donors
We all know that a lapsed donor is more valuable than a newly acquired one. They have an affinity toward your organization and are willing to write a check to back up their emotion.

Through predictive modeling and targeted segmentation initiatives, our Lapsed Reactivation models will focus on understanding the dynamics that drive re-engagement. Our machine learning approach studies the donor’s history with your cause, demographic, financial, geographic and behavioral variables.
We apply machine learning to actionable audience selection that will measurably improve lapsed donor reactivation, response rates, and/or broaden the record selection while maintaining a low cost to re-acquire. Our models are superior to and have the ability to overcome the inherent limitations of RFM, which will allow you to mail deeper into your lapsed universe as well as identifying and removing the non-responsive individuals who are currently being selected.
Retain and Upgrade Donors
A sophisticated prescriptive model will be implemented for selecting names from your renewal audience. Traditional RFM segmentation views segments of donors, not individuals. We not only incorporate each donor’s giving pattern, but include a host of ancillary behavioral characteristics, transactional activities and related demographics that improve our ability to correlate likelihood of response.

These analytics serve to improve response rates and will add additional names to renewal mailings; thus increasing your organization’s net income. The development of an upgrade model will be built based on a variety of elements within your donor file coupled with a substantial amount of wealth information that we incorporate into the analysis.
VeraData will identify current donors with the capacity and propensity to give at a greater level than they are currently giving to you. We can provide this information back to you in ask array echelons if preferred (who to ask and how much to ask).
Optimizing Omni-Channel Marketing
As a Google partner, we are fluent with best practices including the latest algorithms and trends in search, social media, mobile advertising and placement to help your organization expand it’s digital footprint and achieve optimal results. Our analytic engine provides VeraData with an enhanced tool set to provide insight into click stream data to better understand donor psychology and drive decisions to further optimize integrated marketing spend.

Our complex models use millions of combinations of data points to determine who is the best prospect at a particular time, for a particular campaign as well as identifying which channel or combination of channels should be used with which message to prompt the desired response.