Customer Development Strategies

We utilize our machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities to maximize results across all channels and customer lifetime value journey.

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Where historical data and business intelligence converge, VeraData’s A.I. analytic environment produces the most sophisticated consumer insights in the world.
the power of A.I. / Machine learning

maximizing Housefile results

VeraData's customer development approach incorporates advanced prescriptive analytics capabilities to identify audiences with the propensity to purchase more frequently and therefore yield a higher lifetime value  (LTV).

We manage decades of data on individual transactional, behavioral, demographic and psychographic data. In the blink of any eye, our proprietary AI/ML modeling process grinds through thousands of attributes that define consumer purchasing tendencies. This drives optimized housefile campaigns and ultimately maximizes LTV results.

By utilizing thousands of variables for each customer, we can identify who has the highest and lowest propensities to purchase again, allowing you to focus on those customers that are going to become your best, while saving you from needless spend reaching out to those who are unlikely  to respond to any given campaign.
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