Data Asset Management

Your donor list is one of, if not the greatest asset your organization owns.

How you leverage your list will determine how beneficial an asset it can be for your total revenue.

A delicate balance exists between your ability to market your list to other marketers while protecting the integrity of your list and your own response program. Responsible management finds that balance and maximizes revenue to your organization through rental income generated from your list, or helping you lower costs of future acquisition activity through negotiated exchanges.

VeraData will aggressively market your list through its extensive network of relationships as well as through trade publications, special events, and list marketing subscription services. We’ll cover the costs of these marketing efforts which means even more net revenue to you.

We protect your organization’s interest multiple ways. First and foremost, we make sure the usage date the renter is requesting is not in conflict with your own secured dates; if that’s the case, we consult with you and the mailer on recommended alternatives.

We also help you develop requirements that are pertinent to your organization’s mission and objectives. List revenue is important, but protecting your relationship with the people in your database is critical. You may not want to allow mailers whose appeals are too similar to yours, or perhaps their mission conflicts with yours in a very negative way that may upset or offend the people on your list. VeraData understands that every list owner has their own unique needs and requirements, and we design the marketing plan for your list around it.

VeraData is your trusted partner throughout the entire management program and process. We handle all aspects of the marketing, negotiations, exchange ledger management, order fulfillment and billing.