Data Acquisition Services

One of the advantages we offer our clients is our deep expertise with lists and data acquisition services.

Data acquisition is a very deep competency of ours and one which will benefit you from a targeting perspective which helps you keep your cost to acquire a new customer down. We have four main advantages to offer you:

  • We maintain a full national file of US households in house. We need send nothing outside our secure data center walls or environment in order to append or enrich your customer data.
  • Two of the principals of our agency are experts with over 10 years experience evaluating and performing list acquisition on behalf of our clients. We employ deep experience in identifying potential list sources and then evaluating them before negotiating final net name rental agreements on your behalf. You will always have deep insight to draw from with every list rental process.
  • We are neutral when selecting and negotiating the best terms for acquiring lists. We are your advisor and your guide to selecting the best sources.
  • For our automotive clients We understand how to leverage pre-DPPA data and use demographic information to infer and predict information as a Garage Predictor and how that insight can best be leveraged to improve the efficiency of your marketing and Conquest campaigns. We essentially “detune” what we know into a Garage Predictor which you can reliably use within guidelines. The Garage Predictor identifies brand and car type preferences to a high degree of reliability.

Life Event Drivers can be modeled to simulate expected points of demand. We will suggest trigger programs to engage and target these buyers when Life Events occur. Many list companies will spot the obvious triggers like a marriage, but our capabilities allow us to suggest other less obvious events including divorces, emerging from bankruptcy, becoming empty nesters, opening a HELOC, even significant weather events. VeraData will work with you to first spot those triggers and then immediately engage the potential new customer or retention target.