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A. I. capabilities that maximize  results across all channels and all echelons of the donor pyramid.

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"What started as a model scoring test has turned into a complete strategic marketing partnership. We're now dropping campaigns more than we ever have.  Our donor file is growing like never before and feeding our development team more and more high quality leads!"
optimizing fundraising efforts

maximizing fundraising results

With our next generation technologies and machine learning analytics, donors with the propensity to give more money or more frequently are identified much earlier in the process.  

In the blink of any eye, our system computes millions of combinations of consumer behaviors to accurately identify each individuals capacity and propensity at the time we deliver you acquisition list.  You no longer have to wait for someone to raise their hand with a certain gift amount to know where they belong. 

By utilizing the VeraData analytic system, your organization can accelerate your financial relationship with all donors.  
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All Donors are not created Equal

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First Time Donors
Universe Expansion
Lapsed Donors
Effective Reactivation
Mid level and Major Donors
Increasing Substantial Donations
health cause nonprofit 

Premium Vs Non-Premium

"We were seeing a steady decline in our first time donor response rates while our premium appeals costs were skyrocketing.  We wanted to migrate our premium acquired donors to straight copy / mission responsive behavior to increase donor loyalty, multi-year giving and average gift.

VeraData built multiple package specific models.  Blind validations of models were tested and confirmed the hpyothesis:  A package specific model can target donors more efficiently.

Our Non-Premium model yielded a 55% lift in response rate when compared to the same quantity when we were using our historical selection methods. 

Our Premium model yielded a 21% lift in response!

by building two seperate tracks, we were able to double the universe of names our organization was able to market to effectively."
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health agency

reactivating lapsed donors

Our cost per dollar raised (CPDR) metric to reactivate donors was increasing and getting too high.  We needed a solution to help us weed out lower-dollar donors, increase average gift, while mailing deeper into our lapsed file.  

We provided VeraData with over 100 million records (10 years of history).  Our goal was to reactivate 36+ month donors while decreasing our CPDR.  

The models significantly outperformed our metrics in each test cell for gift, volume,  and CPDR.  Testing was successful and expanded to increase the lapsed mailable universe. "
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Fortune 500 nonprofit

Higher donations needed

"Our mid-level donor pipeline was experiencing a steady decline and overall revenue was declining due to donors no longer giving substantial gift amounts.  We needed a strategy to acquire and develop donors with a higher average gift.

We worked with VeraData to develop a higher gift model aimed at first time and potential donors.

The model was able to identify donors that exceeded our $100 KPI with far more than average number of $500 and $1K gifts.  Over time, many of these $100+ acquired donors have become major donors."
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