Imagine what you could do with $40,000 of Free in-kind advertising every month in Google Ads.

Google Grant Management and Search Engine Marketing

Benefits for Nonprofits:

Reach the people who matter most…

VeraData helps your organization highlight your message everywhere your donors hang out. Whether your cause is global or local, you can target those most likely to give.

Let the donations flow…

VeraData's search ads ensure that your organization is top of mind when a highly responsive prospect goes online. VeraData SEM makes sure you are in front of them at the right time and right place for them to donate to your cause.

Generate interest…

VeraData's search improves your organization’s visibility and drives additional website traffic. These visitors develop their interest in your org and are sequestered for  retargeting, and move along the donor journey.

About Us


Digital marketing can help nonprofits reach audiences at scale, with highly-targeted, measurable solutions that deliver on goals nonprofits care about: awareness, donations, and volunteers. With great strategy and analytics, every nonprofit can grow online – whether you’re just getting started or have a complex online program underway.

Our managed campaigns have:

Hundreds of keywords running simultaneously…

VeraData takes the time to expertly research and develop longtail keywords, competitor opportunities, and ideal terms based on relevance and search volume.

Professionally written ad copy…

VeraData has created  thousands of versions of split-tests and ad refinements over time. Our goal in every campaign is to improve over the last one.

Optimize budgets…

We make sure to utilize your organization's full grant budget  to make the most of your campaign. Your organization gets the most out of your money when partnering with VeraData.

Built-in tracking mechanisms…

In order to effectively optimize each campaign, VeraData collects and continuously monitors performance data to identify areas of success and areas that need improvement.
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