Performance Based Analytics

We will build a machine learning solution for you that outperforms your Control. If it doesn’t outperform- you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

VeraData is the only decision science company in the world to guarantee its machine learning performance result. Since our campaign analytics and recommendations beat the others more than 96% of the time, it’s likely we’ll continue to be the only ones who make this guarantee to you.

We realize this isn’t the obligatory fine print, disclaimers and weasel words you may have been expecting. It’s just a little more detail about how our guarantee works.

First, you give us permission to evaluate your current campaign’s performance and you share with us your priorities (such as reducing costs, acquiring more customers, leads or donors, reactivating past ones, etc.). Then, you provide us the data we need for analysis.

Our Decision Labs takes the project from there with our Marketing Strategy and Data Scientist teams providing the prescription for improving results based on our machine learning models. We predict the improvement you will observe. When our machine learning model proves to beat your Control you’ll know you have a long term partner to drive your marketing success.

If the actual real-world results don’t improve on your current controls, you pay us nothing and we will thank you for evaluating our services. How’s that for fine print?