How We Serve Our Clients

Our Client On-Boarding process is designed to deliver Quick Wins and build the foundation for lasting service and value from VeraData. Each of our engagements are led by a VeraData Client Advocate who is your single point of contact for all aspects of the strategy and services we provide to you. Your Client Advocate is focused on driving and documenting your results, recommending changes in your marketing mix, and ensuring that we deliver performance bringing ideas and value to you the marketer. Our goal, your Client Advocate earns the status of Trusted Advisor to you and your team.

We hold Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) with all of our clients and can do those meetings in person or via telepresence, depending on your preferences. The Quarterly Business Reviews include a formal scorecard and agenda that we update for you at each QBR ensure that your performance expectations are being met and our services are appropriately deployed to meet those changing objectives. Your Client Advocate will lead the meeting with participation from the VeraData executive responsible for your satisfaction.