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VeraData values faith-based nonprofits. We have a specialized team that has been focused on driving results for decades in this niche to make a difference.  We don't just look at it as response rate and donations.  It's life changing.  It's babies saved, people fed, and souls saved.


Focus on the Family has been working with VeraData for the past 3 years.  

"In our latest "Life" campaign their results were so far ahead of the closest competitor we saved an incremental 4,000 babies in 2 campaigns.  How's that for donor development!

From what I see, VeraData is 5 years ahead of the industry in their modeling and scoring approach."

Director of Donor Development

$1,000,000 COST SAVINGS

"We found ourselves too dependent on a few list sources and our results were starting to show fatigue.  

VeraData came in and did a strategic audit on our DM campaigns.  Through a few strategic data moves and utilizing VeraData's ML modeling and scoring, we were able to save over $1 million in cost without sacrificing our prospecting performance!"

Vice President of Fundraising
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