Let us help you protect our planet

VeraData values environmental nonprofits and conservation causes for the simple fact that no current issue is more important than protecting our climate and ecosystems. We love the opportunity to work with organizations focused on issues that align with our values. We see your success as our own.

Climate and Environment

Over the last 20 years climate change has proven to be disastrous and only getting worse. We know that you're working to combat this and reverse a worrying trend - we'd like to help. By helping organizations like yours raise funds, grow and become more efficient in your outreach, we proudly boost the impact of your cause.

Animals and Ecosystems

The climate as a whole is a lot to tackle, but every organization saving animals, parks, ecosystems, waterways or any piece of the global environment is contributing to a better planet. We want to support you, too. The more organizations we can help with their prospecting, fundraising and analytics needs, the more positive impact we can have as a company on providing future generations with the planet they deserve.
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