Marketing Technology

Your Omni-Channel Marketing Database can be the hub of insight, analytics, customer engagement and the #1 way to grow your customer base and sales.

We aggregate and blend all of your data whether you have a single source or many sources of data on your customers. Through our data blending process we cleanse and update the data to build a complete, accurate and addressable record for each customer and prospect. Once complete, your database is augmented with descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics developed through machine learning to help you engage the right customer at the right time with the right offer.

Your customers today may have a postal or email address that you know, and they may have online shopping behavior that you have captured – but not linked to a customer. Our solution includes linking those previously unknown website visits to identified customer profiles. We do so by matching IP addresses for all types of devices with postal addresses. The result- a 95% observed accuracy rate and a more complete understanding of your customer’s preferences and interests in your products and services.

Our business intelligence services provide dashboard access to the metrics you need to monitor the success of your marketing and your customer base. Most importantly our full service support teams utilizes your omni-channel marketing database to drive your omni-channel marketing efforts across all digital and direct channels. Our full-service approach allows you to utilize your marketing database without increasing the size of your own marketing team.