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Donors are active in different channels, so why are most fundraising efforts siloed? 
VeraData utilizes cutting edge technology and AI enabled algorithms  to optimize your fundraising campaigns and optimize across channels.  

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The combination of online and offline, syncronized, yields more net revenue for your charity.  VeraData's SocialSync is an easy to implement tactic that will immediately increase donations on every housefile campaign.

Siloed Fundraising Channels are a Thing of the Past

Artificial Intelligence drives us to shift budget from channel to channel without bias. Your fundraising will see a noticeable increase in results from optimized spend and targeting strategies that reach your donors at every turn. We know your donors’ behaviors and where they’re best targeted. It’s a big claim, but we back it up. Working with us is risk-free.

Newer marketing channels have emerged as a huge opportunity to grow a fundraising program and create new revenue streams for an organization. The combination of all channels viewed through a wholistic lens, paired with some of the best analytics in the business leads to unparalleled marketing decisions.

Smarter Segmentation

We have strengths in traditional channels such as direct mail, email and social – but are also pushing the envelope in channels such as connected tv and multi-channel retargeting to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help our clients reach their donors in the best way possible.

Irrespectrive of channel, we use our A.I. engines to analyze your donors and prospects to determine target segments – grouping similarly responsive people to receive the right messaging, at the right time, with the right ask through the right combination of channels.
Using smarter segmentation helps your organization move donors up the pyramid faster; ultimately improving their long-term value to you and their affinity toward your cause.
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