Predictive Analytics

– Powered by Machine Learning

VeraData’s Performance Based Predictive Analytics predict with a high degree of probability what will happen with a given campaign or appeal to provide estimates on the likelihood of a future measured result or outcome. VeraData brings Machine Learning to our clients to allow the universe of all available information to be considered in improving the performance of marketing. Machine learning presents the answer you can rely on as the very best outcome for any decision.

With hundreds of predictive machine learning models built for our clients every year we can forecast the lift and performance of our machine learning models over the marketing results you are currently achieving. VeraData Predictive Analytics Services allow you to be very targeted with the right audience and message. Our Machine Learning approach replaces solving these ‘data-decision problems’ from the top-down using silo-ed schools of thought such as Statistical Analysis or Actuarial Science… the problem being, the actual real world phenomena generating the data is emergent, a bottom-up system driven by many individuals, each unique, such as customer buying patterns.

To better solve for these systems of emergent properties, Machine Learning looks to mirror the actual real world system, process or emerging patterns leading to highly optimized solutions in harmony with maximizing your solution space, mathematically beyond top-down hypothesis testing. In base terms, one is able to search a wider solution space more methodically over shorter periods of time.

At VeraData, Machine Learning addresses all your data and any other available data at the optimal scale and informational granularity, while incrementally improving itself and expanding the solution space along side new research and computational developments.

We transform all of the data about your current and future donors and customers into insight and wisdom to enable you as the marketer to maximize the ROI of each person you engage with. We enable decisions that allow you to target your offers and services to retain these customers and donors for life through VeraData Predictive Analytics Services.