Non Profit

The most successful fundraising organizations are those best able to touch their potential and present donors emotionally. Which gives them a tremendous advantage in the competition for a share of prospect minds and wallets. Commercial enterprises simply can’t compete with emotional appeals that cut through the noise and reach into the heart. And, not coincidentally, into the wallet. Of course, for any such appeal to be effective, it must reach those donors most likely to respond to that particular set of emotional cues. That’s where we come in. We can help you identify the greatest number of such potential donors. We can even help you determine which appeals will work best to transform them from potential to actual donors. And we can help you establish relationships that will retain those donors for life while steadily increasing their value to your organization. All to help you achieve your fundraising goals at the lowest cost. Our advanced analytics has produced superior results for some of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations. And it can do the same for yours.
Our Decision Science Service for Nonprofits can help you

  • Identify new prospective donors
  • Acquire more of them
  • Reduce the cost of doing both
  • Determine ask amounts
  • Grow the number of donations
  • Increase the average gift size
  • Retain the donors you have
  • Steadily improve their value
  • Turn lapsed donors into active ones
  • Employ multi-channel efforts to acquire “unreachable” prospects
  • Define what offer to mail and when
  • Recommend best-performing premiums and to which recipients to offer them
We’ve helped nonprofits continue and expand their good works since we started our company nearly ten years ago. And we’d welcome the opportunity to help you with yours.