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Since 2008 VeraData has used our decision science capabilities to help direct marketing companies optimize audiences and target prospects, delivering the most customers at the lowest cost to acquire.

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"After switching to Prescriptix to suppress the lowest performing names and replacing them with VeraData universe names, our acquisition campaigns and saw a 60% improvement in CTA and our total audiences grew faster than ever before."
optimizing Acquisition Campaigns

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Our acquisition strategies incorporate our proprietary machine learning/artificial intelligence system, Prescriptix. Utilizing thousands of variables for each potential customer, we identify new prospects with the highest and lowest propensities to respond to your organization through a series of selection and deselection models.

We evaluate decades of data on individual transactional, behavioral, demographic and psychographic data. In the blink of any eye, our proprietary AI / ML modeling system grinds through thousands of attributes that define people’s buying tendencies. 

Prescriptix will optimize your current prospecting campaigns to  become more efficient, thus getting your organization more customers at a lower cost.
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