Our Culture | Social Impact & Charitable Giving

As a business, we seek to increase happiness in the world by helping both donors and charities find each at the right time to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

As this is a primary mission of our organization, you won’t find it surprising that our team members are inspired by ​giving​ back.

At VeraData, we are determined to​ support our community whenever we can. We may be a smaller organization, but we​ strive to  make a difference in as big​ a way as possible. VeraData team members can be found contributing their skills and time ​in ​feeding the hungry, aid​ing​ veterans, support​ing​ humanitarian efforts in times of crisis, and partnering with local nonprofits to positively impact our community. We encourage our employees to give to the causes they’re most passionate about … and we like to ​show our ​support in those​ inspiring​ efforts​.​

December 2017:

VeraData team members offered​ their generous​ support to a single mother with two special needs children. Annually, our team pulls together to sponsor an “adopted family” at the holiday. This holiday giving effort is a staff favorite. Our Adopted Family was offered some comfort & joy this ​Christmas​. Giving like this can only happen when people like our VeraData team members open their hearts to strangers and choose to say “I’ll help”. Team members donated money, gifts, time, asked others to join, wrapped and delivered packages. Each small effort came together to make an incredible difference for this deserving family.