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January 31, 2017
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February 1, 2017

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Prescriptive Analytics

– Powered by Machine Learning

Being a decision labs company which uses Machine Learning makes us different. From our perspective only a company which employs Machine Learning can really perform prescriptive analytics on behalf of its clients. VeraData brings Machine Learning to our clients to allow the universe of all available information and data to be considered in improving the performance of marketing.

Prescriptive analytics allows you the marketer to achieve the best outcome possible from your marketing without introducing any analyst bias. Whether its increasing the average number of products purchased, driving up the average contribution of your donors, or driving down the cost to acquire a qualified lead – machine learning leads the way

At VeraData we apply Machine Learning to Prescriptive Analytics because the end goal is the absolute optimal solution/best underlying functional approximation known today, generally as quickly as possible, given all of the historical and current data available and the entire set of currently known methodologies.

Machine learning allows us to push the efficient frontier of decisions further into the tail of the data set by analyzing more data in multiple dimensions, including temporally.