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Our team supports clients using every major display network and social media site. There isn’t an area of your digital fundraising that we can’t help you improve.
Scientific Decision support

Improving your agency's depth of expertise

VeraData's experienced staff of  PHDs provide breakthrough analytics for our agency partners.  They are intimately familiar with big data and developing AI/ ML algorithms to analyze and predict reliable campaign performance helping you and your clients make better decisions faster. Between descriptive, predictive and prescriptive we've got all of your agency's analytics needs covered.  

We're experts in:
   - Collecting, organizing and protecting your 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data
   - Mining and analyzing your data for insights
   - Defining data sets appropriate for modeling
   - Building and evaluating AI/ML models to achieve specified KPIs
   - Designing statistically valid testing scenarios
   - Creating strategies to uncover hidden opportunities
   - Effectively communicate results to clients and agency executives
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