Strategic Audits

VeraData’s clients enjoy detailed fiscal year performance audits as well as campaign-by-campaign reviews. Our deep understanding of market trends and the data behind your organization enables us to prescribe optimal fundraising strategies.

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Our Descriptive Analytics Summary Report (DAS) delivers key insights into your donor file and identifies current successes as well as indicators for future risks or opportunities so that as a team we can navigate them with ease.

Big Data Applied and Delivered to You

Our machine learning platform coupled with extensive industry expertise ceates deep insights and visualizations of categorized donor levels and campaign analysis.  The end results drive unmatched takeaways that enhance and improve your organization's strategy and campaign execution.

Increasing your Capability and Capacity

Engaging with VeraData doesn’t just mean cutting edge technology applied to your fundraising strategies. Our clients enjoy a dedicated team with extensive industry knowledge and data science expertise to handle analytics and recommendations.​ We're an extension of your team.  

Constant Improvement​ of Your KPI's​

You’ll see an immediate lift in results when you work with us – in fact, we guarantee it.  And you can expect results to  continually improve over time as our Machine Learning engine is constantly callibrating and refining algorithm precision.

The VeraData DAS reports on trends such as:

  • Donor file health
  • Gap Analysis (how many new or reactivated donor do I need to keep my donor file size the same year-over-year)
  • Retention
  • Migration
  • Potential Major Donors
  • High Frequency Donors
  • Multi-Year Donors
We compare these trends to benchmarks in every nonprofit vertical to understand success levels based on your type of organization. We then apply this information to help provide insights into how fundraising results measure-up as compared to other like-minded charities.

Beyond the DAS, we build custom reports for our clients that include all of the following:

  • Best performing lists
  • Year over year campaign level reporting
  • Results by audience type (Rental/Exchange, CoOp, Multis, Lapsed, etc)
  • Results by package by list type and/or list
  • Results by source affinity (Health, Religious, Children, etc)
  • and more
One thing we understand is that each organization is unique and is going to have different needs and objectives. VeraData can build custom reports  to meet your organization's specific goals.
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