Digital Advertising

Donor intelligence meets machine learning

Access a data driven, omni-channel team that provides you with performance-enhancing strategy, planning and execution of integrated digital programs that align with your goals and objectives … while simultaneously building your organizations digital competency and maturity. VeraData’s most critical differentiator is that our work is driven by machine learning coupled with vast amounts of data – leading to the best intelligence that can be leveraged for more growth and better results. 


“After switching to Prescriptix to suppress the lowest performing names and replacing them with VeraData universe names, our acquisition campaigns and saw a 60% improvement in CTA and our total audiences grew faster than ever before.”

SEM benefits for nonprofits

Reach the people who matter most

VeraData helps your organization highlight your message everywhere your donors live and target those most likely to give.

Let the donations flow

VeraData’s search ads ensure that your organization is top of mind when a highly responsive prospect goes online. Our digital solutions make sure that you are in front of new prospects at the right time and place.

Generate interest

The donor journey begins with awareness and interest. VeraData’s search ads improve your organization’s visibility as well as help drive additional website traffic.

Build better social and display marketing


VeraData applies our own unique machine learning capabilities to all aspects of your social and display marketing. Leveraging our dedicated digital team helps expand your marketing choices and leads to improved and transformed channels, creative, and targeting. Our multi-channel campaigns are proven in maximizing fundraising results.

Graphic showcasing offline and online marketing channels

Optimized fundraising campaigns across all channels


Different donors are active in different channels. Our team helps you reach them no matter where they are. Ai enables us to allocate your budget across channels without bias. Your fundraising results will see a noticeable increase from optimized spend and targeting strategies that factor in donors’ behaviors and preferences. It’s a big claim, and we back it up. Our analytics services are performance based…meaning you don’t pay for models until we prove to you they deliver improved results!

Newer marketing channels have emerged as a huge opportunity to grow fundraising revenue streams. Take advantage of some of the best analytics that will lead to innovative marketing decisions.

Smarter segmentation

Regardless of channel, we use our Ai engines to analyze your donors and prospects to determine target segments – allowing you to group similarly responsive people to receive the right messaging, at the right time, with the right ask.

Our strengths lie not only in traditional channels like direct mail, email and social but in creating innovative strategies in channels using connected tv and multi-channel retargeting. Smarter segmentation helps your organization move donors up the pyramid faster, and ultimately improves their long-term value to you and their affinity to your mission.