Donor Development Strategies

Maximize Fundraising Success

Our discipline of Donor Science is performance-driven and ever-evolving. We have a finger on the pulse of the donors with the highest likelihood of giving more and giving more frequently. 

Our comprehensive analytics system computes millions of combinations of consumer behaviors to accurately identify each individual’s capacity and propensity to give. Increase substantial donations, grow your donor list, and accelerate your relationship with your donors, all while optimizing spend. Our donor scientists help you discover your donors’ habits, preferences, and triggers. 


“After switching to Prescriptix to suppress the lowest performing names and replacing them with VeraData universe names, our acquisition campaigns and saw a 60% improvement in CTA and our total audiences grew faster than ever before.”

We know donors

“We were seeing a steady decline in our first-time donor response when using a premium for acquisition and our costs were skyrocketing. We wanted to migrate those donors acquired via a premium to respond to straight mission-based copy while increasing loyalty, multi-year giving and the average gift.”

“Our cost per dollar raised (CPDR) metric to reactivate donors was getting too high. We needed a solution to help us weed out lower-dollar donors and increase average gifts, all while mailing deeper into our lapsed file. We provided VeraData with over 100 million records and 10 years of history. Our goal was to reactivate 36+ month donors while decreasing our CPDR. The models significantly outperformed our metrics in each test cell for gift, volume and CPDR. Testing was successful and expanded to increase the lapsed mailable universe.”

“Our mid-level donor pipeline was experiencing a steady decline and overall revenue was declining due to donors no longer giving substantial gift amounts. We needed a strategy to acquire and develop donors with a higher average gift. We worked with VeraData to develop a higher gift model aimed at first time and potential donors. The model was successfully able to identify more donors that exceeded our $100 minimum gift goal and achieved far more $500 and $1K gifts than we had ever experienced or expected. Over time, many of these $100+ acquired donors have become major donors.”