Prescriptix - The Formula For Philanthropy

VeraData delivers business intelligence with big data and analytics technologies.

We’re a decision science company. Which means we use scientific techniques and technology to help clients make marketing decisions. Our next generation technologies and machine learning- based analytics are behind some of the smartest decisions being made by direct marketers and fundraisers today. What’s more, we’re the only decision science company to guarantee results.

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Nonprofit’s secret weapon

The most successful fundraising organizations are those best able to touch their potential and present donors emotionally. Which gives them a tremendous advantage in the competition for a share of prospect minds and wallets. Commercial enterprises simply can’t compete with emotional appeals that cut through the noise and reach into the heart. And, not coincidentally, into the wallet.

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What every digital and direct marketer knows

In direct marketing, you know your results right away. But if the results aren’t what you expected, you know that right away, too. What if there were a way to predict the results of every mailing before the first package was dropped? A way to see beyond names and addresses on a list and know virtually everything there is to know about your target prospects? A way to know how to appeal to every single one?

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Performance Based Analytics

We will build a machine learning solution for you that out performs your Control. If it doesn’t out perform – you don’t pay. It’s that simple. VeraData is the only decision science company in the world to guarantee its’ machine learning performance result. Since our campaign analytics and recommendations beat the others more than 96% of the time, it’s likely we’ll continue to be the only ones who make this gaurantee to you.

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Technology is the nucleus of the very best strategies for winning and keeping customers. It’s also the nucleus of our organization.

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