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Donor Science Explained: what is donor science

03/12/2024 What is donor science

We use the phrase “Donor Science” a lot here at VeraData. We are the originators of Donor Science, and we’re very proud of that. This methodology is a combination of innovation and data science that has brought us tremendous pride over the years.

We want “Donor Science” to become part of the nonprofit marketing discussion, so today, we’re here to break it down for you and answer the question…

What Is Donor Science?

To set the stage, the long-standing donor data attribution and KPI performance measurements have become diluted and have corrupted the integrity of analysis and reporting.

The data is primarily flawed because of how it is coded, labeled, segmented, and measured. Not that anyone’s to blame for it, though; it’s simply how the nonprofit sector has managed this process.

However, the tides have turned. With the advancements in technology, Ai, Machine Learning, what our CEO Michael Peterman calls “compute power,” and the self-realization regarding the industry’s bad data habits, the process of Donor Science cleans up the data and the process itself.

Donor Science captures accurate, complete, timely, and consistent data across a broader range of information. The capture, coding, and application of very granular data (most often overlooked) and the scalable standardization of this information produces far more predictive and productive outputs that can then be applied to direct mail fundraising campaigns to boost donations and giving.

Donor Science uses Ai and these granular data inputs to guide hundreds of fundraising decisions, reaching far beyond simply a target audience. Donor Science empowers nonprofits to dive into performance metrics like engaged channels, how often communication should be sent, the visual graphics that resonate, to which fonts and what copy unlock new audiences that lead to multiple fundraising tracks and accelerate the relationship between the organizations and their donors.

Donor Science is proven to improve your Cost to Acquire (CTA) by 8-12%. Our CEO, Michael Peterman, says, “Our longstanding collaboration with these nonprofit service partners has been instrumental in generating superior results for our collective clients.” Donor Science isn’t new to us. We’ve been doing it for 17 years.

Are you ready for Donor Science to supercharge your direct mail marketing? Contact us today.

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