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Donor Science™ explained: what is ReMail™

05/13/2024 Donor Science explained: what is ReMail™

As nonprofits strive to build lasting relationships with their donors, finding innovative and effective ways to engage and re-engage supporters is essential. That’s where ReMail™, a proven model developed by VeraData, comes into play. With its targeted approach and personalized strategies, ReMail™ offers nonprofits a powerful tool to maximize response rates and enhance your campaigns.

What Is ReMail™?

ReMail™ is a groundbreaking second-touch direct mail communication model. This unique solution stands out from traditional methods. By leveraging data-driven scoring and a consultative approach, ReMail™ delivers tailored and impactful communications that captivate your audience and inspire them to take action.

How ReMail™ Works

The core of the ReMail™ model lies in its comprehensive scoring system, which targets prospects most likely to respond positively to a second-touch communication. This strategic selection ensures higher response rates for the second drop compared to the first mailing. Our approach goes beyond merely sending out another piece of mail; it’s about crafting a specialized strategy that adds an element of mystique and exclusivity to your offer.

This involves making strategic adjustments to maximize impact and recall. Whether it means tweaking content, modifying teasers on the outer envelope, or omitting premiums, our Donor Science™ approach ensures your campaign resonates with your target audience.

Why Choose ReMail™?

Your ReMail™ campaigns mean accessing data-driven scoring that identifies top-performing prospects for a second-touch communication, boosting engagement and positive responses. With a multi-drop strategy and a customized approach tailored to your nonprofit’s unique needs, you will maximize response rates and campaign performance. ReMail™ consistently delivers higher response rates for the second drop, proving its efficiency and effectiveness in maximizing your return on investment.

The Benefits of ReMail™

ReMail™ offers nonprofits numerous benefits, including significantly improved response rates by targeting top-scoring segments with a second-touch piece. Using Ai, Machine Learning, and Donor Science™ we optimize outreach by precisely targeting individuals likely to engage.


ReMail™ is a game-changing solution for nonprofits looking to enhance donor engagement and maximize campaign effectiveness. ReMail™ is a proven model that combines data-driven insights, strategic adjustments, and personalized consultation. Elevate your nonprofit’s impact with ReMail™ and watch your engagement rates soar.

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