Breaking Free from Tradition: How to Modernize Nonprofit Growth Webinar

Breaking Free from Tradition: How to Modernize Nonprofit Growth Webinar

Join team VeraData for an exclusive webinar where industry experts discuss the future of fundraising and nonprofit growth.

Date: August 15th
Time: 1 pm EST


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  • Welcome

    A warm introduction to the game-changing discussion ahead

  • Intros

    Meet the experts who will guide us through a revolution in nonprofit growth strategies

  • Old-School vs. New School

    Exploring traditional approaches to donor growth versus cutting-edge techniques revolutionizing fundraising campaigns

  • Out with the Old

    Why traditional tactics are failing nonprofits today and how to break free from outdated methods

  • Tech & Ai in Fundraising

    Unveiling the transformative power of technology and artificial intelligence in shaping the future of nonprofit growth

  • Embrace Change

    Overcoming the stagnation of “we’ve always done it this way” mentality to drive meaningful growth and impact

  • Donor Science Revolution

    Discovering the revolutionary potential of Donor Science in unlocking nonprofit success in the digital age

What you'll learn
Why join

Why join?

Time for Change: The future of fundraising is already here for nonprofits. It’s time to tackle it together
Expert Insights: Draw on the experience of industry leaders who revamp nonprofit growth approaches
Actionable Steps: Walk away with hands-on advice for using new tech and methods in your fundraising


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Let’s break free from tradition and embrace the future of fundraising together.